Hire a Trip Expert

Your ideas, researched and crafted into a personalised itinerary, delivered and collaborated together online.

Trip Experts are also Travel Agents, after delivery, either book & pay for some or all of your trip items or go direct with suppliers yourself.

Specialist Knowledge

Specialist Knowledge

Global geography, tools, experience, skills and prices
Simple Communication

Simple Communication

Itinerary, info & comm’s in purpose built App. No messy email, phone calls etc.
Money Saving

Time & Money Saving

Save hours/days of research and get access to special deals.


Trip Experts are acredited Travel agents. Also publicly rated and reviewed.

Who Are Trip Experts

On the Lyfshort Marketplace you will find Trip Experts from all around the world with a great diversity of experience, skills, interests and travel destination specialisations. Before being listed on the marketplace each Trip Expert is verified as representing or working for an approved Partner Travel Business.

Travel Businesses can apply for Partnership and the opportunity to offer their Travel services here. Approval will only be granted following a financial and operational due dilligence process, ensuring high quality services are maintained for Marketplace customers.

Partner Travel Business details can be viewed at the bottom of each Trip Experts Sales page or in the Partners section.



process Diagram




Each Trip Expert creates and maintains a Sales Listing page on the Marketplace displaying details to potential customers showcasing what makes them a great choice to hire for expert assistance in planning certain types of trips to certain types of locations. This includes information such as background, experience, geography, language(s), interests, specialisations, photos, videos, ratings etc. Sales listings also include 2 packaged and 1 custom SaaP (Service as a Product) options available for purchase, this is how a Trip Expert is hired.

Each SaaP has <bold>4 elements</bold> :

  • 1. Number of researched itinerary items

    Maximum number included in customised research and itinerary created.

  • 2. Number of Trip Participants

    Maximum trip participants the research and itinerary covers.

  • 3. Delivery Window

    Maximum time between acceptance of order and delivery of the Interactive Itinerary within the Lyfshort Organiser App.

  • 4. Collaboration Window

    Maximum time limit a customer can message the Trip Expert to modify an Interactive Itinerary after delivery. (Once the Collaboration window expires, the order is automatically closed and complete).

Individual requirements such as preferred location, dates, participants, accommodation, budgets and general information about what will make the trip awesome are collected and delivered to the Trip Expert as part of the order process, prior to the Trip Expert starting research and itinerary creation.

To ensure quality and provide customers the option of booking services identified in the research, all Trip Experts are also qualified Travel Agents. Details of the Travel Agency each Trip Expert is affiliated with is available at the bottom of Sales listing pages. Each Travel Agency displayed on the marketplace has completed a verification and due diligence process prior to being approved and listed as a Partner Travel Agency, to minimise customer risk and maximise Trip quality.



The minimum SaaP price is USD$10 however each Trip Expert sets and publishes their own individual pricing displayed on the Sales Listing pages, viewable on the marketplace. Factors influencing price may include geography, experience, knowledge, specialisation, IT systems, efficiency and demand.

SaaP hire charges are allocated 70% - 90% to the Trip Expert, minus a small Travel Agency lead fee, with the remaining % contributing to marketplace operation, <a>more details here</a>.

Marketplace operation costs include :

- Marketing.
- Access and Maintenance of the SaaS technical platform.
- Sales page listing and administration access for Trip Experts and Travel Agents .
- Order process management.
- Transaction reporting.
- Integrated Credit Card Payment processing.
- Integrated Currency Conversion.
- Cross boarder Sales Tax calculations.
- SaaP Financial Transaction costs including - Payment processing, credit card and currency conversion fees.



Following delivery of a SaaP and a good interaction, the Customer and Trip Expert can agree (or disagree) to extend their relationship to also include Travel Agent booking and support services for some or all of the Items within the Trips Itinerary (Flights, accommodation, activities etc.).

This provides simplicity for the customer, leveraging the existing Interactive Itinerary and direct messaging for communication and secure payment within the Organiser App (no need for phone calls, SMS's, email threads and attachments etc.) and continuity of the relationship that has been established with the Trip Expert extending to bookings and ongoing support as a Travel Agent.

On the flip side, for the Trip Expert, this provides the opportunity of a new customer and booking revenue as a Travel Agent.

All Travel Agent transactions, bookings and payments are negotiated and contracted directly between the Customer and the Travel Agent. Lyfshort is in no way involved in these direct Travel Agent transactions outside of providing a secure and efficient communication medium and the initial introductions created when the SaaP is purchased.

NOTE : Lyfshort take no responsibility, warrant, support or acknowledge any liability for Travel Agent offers, bookings, transactions or services that may occur while using it’s Organiser App or the Trip Expert Marketplace. It is the Customer's sole responsibility to work out whether the pricing, terms and conditions Partner Travel Businesses and associated Trip Experts may offer directly are right for you.

Benefits for Trip Experts and
Partner Travel Businesses

Do you work as a Travel Agent and love helping customers from all around the world create amazing Trips? Would you like to :

  • Get Paid for Creating Itineraries
  • Receive qualified Travel Agent leads
  • Set your own service pricing
  • Setup a profile quickly
  • Focus on specialised areas you love
  • Reach New International markets
  • Use your existing IT Systems
  • Use purpose built Travel App to communicate
  • No up front costs
  • Full travel booking commissions retained
  • Small Fee on qualified leads

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