Commercial Model

Trip Expert Hire - Service as a Product (SaaP)

Each Trip Expert sets customized SaaP inclusions and pricing which the research and itinerary service is based on, in USD, displayed for sale on their marketplace listing page. SaaP’s include 4 elements.

1. Maximum Number of itinerary itemsMaximum number included in customized research and itinerary created.
2. Maximum Number of Trip ParticipantsMaximum trip participants the research and itinerary covers.
3. Delivery Time WindowMaximum time between acceptance of order and delivery of the Interactive Itinerary within the Lyfshort Organiser App.
4. Collaboration Time WindowMaximum time limit a customer can message the Trip Expert to modify an Interactive Itinerary after delivery. (Once the Collaboration window expires, the order is automatically closed and complete).

Customers complete a Trip Expert request which includes nominating a SaaP package accompanied by general ideas to base research on, such as where, when, who with, budget and preferences submitted with hire payment. If the Trip Expert accepts the order, delivery is sent through the Lyfshort Organiser App as an Interactive Itinerary within the quoted delivery time. The customer then has collaboration time to request and communicate adjustments and modifications using In-App messaging. The service is complete when either the customer agrees or the purchased collaboration window expires.

SaaP payment is distributed as follows:

Sale Price Tiers(USD)Marketplace ReceivesTrip Expert Receives
$0 to $2530%70%
$25 to $5025%75%
$50 to $7520%80%
$75 to $10015%85%
$100 + 10%90%

Travel Agent Service

Following completion of a SaaP transaction, the customer has the option to continue on and book some or all itinerary items directly with the Trip Expert in their capacity as a Travel Agent. The conversation simply continues via messaging within the Lyfshort Interactive Itinerary App leading up to and during the trip.

Lyfshort, as an independent marketplace facilitator, does not charge commissions, share revenue or margins on travel bookings (Eg. flights, accommodation, activities etc.), however, does charge a nominal lead fee directly associated with the booking opportunities created with every SaaP transaction.

Amount the Travel Agency is charged on each SaaP transaction:

Lead FeeUSD $5


  1. Lyfshort is in no way involved in Travel Agent transactions that may occur during the Travel Agent Service, outside of providing a secure and efficient communication medium and a marketplace to facilitate initial introductions created when the Trip Expert SaaP is used. Lyfshort take no responsibility, warrant, support or acknowledge any liability for Travel Agent offers, bookings, transactions or services that may occur while using it’s Organiser App or the Assisted Trip Planning Marketplace. It is the customers sole responsibility to work out whether the pricing, terms and conditions Partner Travel Businesses and associated Trip Experts may offer directly are suitable.
  2. Lyfshort reserves the right to update these Commercial Model terms without notice.