Terms and Conditions for Using Travel Agent Services Offered By Trip Experts

If you use Optional Travel Agent services that may be offered following the standard Trip Expert Service, Transactions, Bookings and Payments will be negotiated and contracted directly between you and the Travel Agent.
Lyfshort is in no way involved in these direct Travel Agent transactions outside of providing a secure and efficient communication medium and a marketplace to facilitate initial introductions created when the Trip Expert Services are used.
To maintain a high quality service, Lyfshort conducts a due diligence process including business validation and financial checks before Travel Business Partnership listings are displayed on the marketplace.
Lyfshort take no responsibility, warrant, support or acknowledge any liability for Travel Agent offers, bookings, transactions or services that may occur while using it’s Organiser App or the Trip Expert Marketplace. It is your sole responsibility to work out whether the pricing, terms and conditions Partner Travel Businesses and associated Trip Experts may offer directly are right for you.
All prices quoted by Trip Experts or Travel Agents are subject to availability at the time of booking.